Support for student term-time thesis research is available for Amherst College rising seniors for up to $1,000 in the form of grants from the Gregory S. Call Student Research Fund; the Nicholas Curtis Heaney Memorial Fund, which provides support for honors thesis research that is intended to broaden the student's personal and cultural horizons; the Doelling Undergraduate Research Fund, which supports undergraduates engaged in performing scientific research in biological/life sciences under the guidance of a faculty member; the Linden Family Fund, which provides support for students engaged in research projects, with a preference for thesis work in History; and the Wolansky Family Research Fund, which provides support for students engaged in thesis research, with a preference for projects in American studies, history, political science, or English.  

Deadline for applications is May 31, 2023. In the student application process, the student must provide 1) a proposal requesting funds and how the funding relates to their research 2) a detailed budget listing the items and their costs for which funding is requested, and 3) their Amherst College faculty sponsor/research advisor's name and email address.  An email will be sent automatically to the professor asking for a letter of recommendation. The application will not be considered for an award until all of these components have been received.  Due to the high volume of requests, please know that students who request funds to attend a conference will be considered only if they are presenting their research at the conference. For the College‚Äôs travel policy and guidelines for college-sponsored programs, please check the Office of Global Education's travel policy and resources website.  Please review the Reimbursement Policy for Student Research Grant Expenses, if applicable.

Students whose projects involve international travel must include with their proposal a signed International Travel Waiver of Liability. If students are under 18 years old, both they and their parents must sign the waiver. International travelers must also submit a signed statement that they have registered their trip with the Amherst College Travel Registry. For additional information, please see the Travel Policy for College-Sponsored Programs, the AIG/Travel Guard Program, and the Office of Global Education's information on Health and Emergency Medical Assistance.

Contact Nancy Ratner with any questions.